Policies and Procedures

For Personal Chef Services

Client Services Agreement

Thank you for selecting Chef Lisa Brown of Free Flowing Health as your Personal Chef.

Chef Lisa's goal is to provide you and your loved ones with high quality, delicious and nutritious plant-based meals. Before any services are rendered, the completion of a questionnaire and a short consultation are required to assess your needs, dietary restrictions, food allergies, and preferences. With respect to all parties involved, this business policy statement is furnished to clients so they are aware of how this business operates. Lisa spends a great amount of energy and time communicating, planning,  and executing these customized services. All business correspondence must be in writing via email. By using this website and booking any service with Lisa Brown of Free Flowing Health, you are agreeing to these terms of service and will be required to sign a contract upon request.


No refunds of any kind will be issued for services purchased or rendered. If you have any questions, please inquire before your purchase.

Policies & Procedures

Clients are charged based on the meal package chosen. These rates do not include the cost of groceries, or travel when applicable.  Proposed menus will be submitted 72 hours before the cook day for personalized meal services. You must confirm acceptance of the menu by email within 24 hours before the scheduled service. Once you accept the menu, Lisa  will shop for all necessary food items and ingredients and then prepare and cook the meals for you in your home kitchen. All menu changes, including the number of people eating, must be submitted at least 72 hours before services are provided. For dinner parties, events or retreats, clients are charged based on a customized quote agreed upon by Lisa Brown and the host. All of the agreed upon menu items are subject to change based on ingredient availability, product quality, or other unforeseeable factors.  Lisa does her best to source high quality, seasonal, organic and local ingredients whenever possible.


Reimbursement for ingredients and supplies can be paid the day of the service via check, PayPal, Venmo or cash. 

Booking  & Payment

Your service is booked for personalized meal plan packages when 100% payment is received at least 14 days prior to the requested cook date. For dinner parties, events or retreats, a non-refundable 50% deposit of the agreed upon quote is due 90- days prior to the party, event or retreat. The remaining balance is due 30-days prior to the party, event or retreat. 

Changes/ Cancellations

Except in the case of an emergency, a 14- day advance notice of any change in service dates to meal plan services is required.  No refunds will be issued for any service purchased or rendered. In case of an emergency, a 50% one time service credit will be issued for meal plan packages.  Cancellations made within the 14 day period will incur a penalty of 100% of the quoted price plus the cost of supplies if already purchased. Although extremely rare, Lisa may need to reschedule due to an emergency. Every attempt will be made to reschedule, however, if this is not possible, a full refund or service credit will be issued.

Gift Certificates
Gift certificates are non-transferable, non-refundable and only to be used by the person listed on the gift certificate. Gift certificates expire 12 months after date of purchase. Once the gift certificate has expired it has no value and is unavailable for redemption.


Client’s responsibility

For personalized meal plans, each week’s cooking session will be scheduled in advance. Please make sure that your kitchen is clean and ready at the scheduled time, and pets and children are out of the kitchen area. A fee for storage containers can be added to your food bill, if applicable. Please keep containers for reuse. Payments are due  14-days prior to the service. Reimbursement for ingredients and supplies can be paid the day of the service by check, cash, Venmo or PayPal.

Lockout and Safety

If a client’s home is inaccessible or unsafe due to pets or other reasons, payment for services will be non-refundable and client is responsible for reimbursement of groceries and supplies.

Returned Checks

Any check/payment returned for insufficient funds will result in a $50 fee due prior to the next cooking date. Client will also be responsible for all charges/fees levied by the bank.


Lisa's Promise to You

Lisa will show up at the agreed day and time for the cooking session, event or retreat. 

Upon arrival Lisa will:

  • Disinfect the kitchen with cleaning products before and after cooking.

  • Clean and wash all kitchen equipment and areas used during cooking.

  • Respect your privacy and personal property.

  • Keep any personal information pertaining to your service confidential.

  • Package and label prepared food with any needed instructions.



Lisa Brown of Free Flowing Health has high standards for food ingredients. All groceries are inspected and transported with the utmost care. However, Lisa is not responsible for manufacturing flaws or recall of products. In the event a product has been contaminated or recalled, Lisa will contact you immediately so that item can be discarded.


This agreement holds Lisa Brown harmless for any loss or damage resulting from any defect in the services or food, or the failure of any equipment or supplies. Lisa Brown shall be under no liability to the client for any loss or damage resulting from any defect in the services or food, or the failure of any equipment or supplies, regardless of whether Lisa Brown had any prior knowledge. Lisa Brown is not liable for any injuries sustained as a result of her involvement at the client's home or event, including but not limited to any injury resulting from the action or inaction of the chef or service staff, or sickness from any food prepared. It is the sole obligation of the client to discern the potential of the participants’ allergic reactions and sensitivities.


Lisa Brown of Free Flowing Health Personal Chef Services is not responsible for normal wear and tear to kitchen equipment, cookware, flatware, or dishes. It is understood that routine use of these items produces some scratches or wear.